Welcome to Toot Hill School

Toot Hill School is an ‘Outstanding’ (Ofsted, January 2012) 11–18 secondary school situated in the small market town of Bingham, Nottinghamshire.

Toot Hill places student well-being and achievement at the very heart of its approach to learning and is now ranked in the top 2% of schools nationally for pupil progress.

"Toot Hill School is a happy, caring, thriving and inclusive school where all students aspire to and achieve their full potential.

From their first day students will be engaged, motivated and challenged by high quality teaching and so develop a life-long love of learning.

Students, in partnership with school and home, will become more active, independent and resilient learners, who acknowledge their responsibility for their own learning and upholding the school’s values.

With the support of exceptional pastoral care and guidance, enrichment activities and strong community links, every child has the opportunity to develop fully into well-informed, confident young adults equipped to make positive contributions to society."

Sandy Paley
Head of School

A Thriving Community

We are immensely proud of Toot Hill School. At the heart of our learning community is the belief that every child matters and that every child will succeed.

We promote ambition, commitment and independence. High standards are set in the knowledge that hard work and discipline secure lifelong achievement.

Toot Hill School will support your child with care, consideration and understanding and we promise to always challenge, motivate and engage. Educating your child is a great privilege and a solemn responsibility. We will not let them down.

"The ethos at Toot Hill School places student well-being and achievement at the very heart of our approach to learning. It is this set of ideals, coupled with our hardworking students and dedicated staff, that has seen Toot Hill ranked as one of the top-performing secondary schools both locally and nationally over recent years.

Our ethos and values make a clear statement that the traditional qualities of hard work, honesty, good manners and consideration for others sit at the very heart of Toot Hill School."

Ashfaq Rahman
Executive Head Teacher

Latest News and Tweets

  • No more Reservation Slips - January 2017

    All reservation reminders will now be available on Insight!

    Reservation Slips will be no more! Instead we have come up with a lovely way to remind you if you have a reservation ready. Just login into Insight and check your homework tab. If you have a reservation ready we will let you know here.

    Also reminders for seriously late overdues will be mentioned here. So there you go SIMPLES!

    Posted 18/01/2017 by Learning Lounge

  • NO HOMEWORK CLUB - 19th January 2017

    'I'm sorry the dog ate it'

    There will be no Homework club this Thursday (19th of January 2017). However, don't let that stop you from going home and doing it. Also hope all assessments and exams have been going well.

    Posted 17/01/2017 by Learning Lounge

  • New Library Assistant

    Meet Miss Jones

    Fact File

    • Loves video gaming, she mainly plays PC but also dabbles with the PS4. Her favourite games include Mass Effect, Skyrim, Rocket League, Ratchet and Clank and MORE!
    • Watches a lot of Netflix and if you have a favourite TV show she will know if it’s based on a book and will then tell you why the books are better! (Because they are)
    • MOVIES need more be said?
    • Her favourite books include the Hunger Games Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Wool, Revelation Space and more!

    Be sure to swing by at breaks and lunches to marvel at our book collection and of course come say ‘Hi’ to Mi...

    Posted 16/01/2017 by Learning Lounge - Read more

  • 500 Words Competition - 2017

    Enter your story now!

    Writers and readers (ages 5-13) let’s get ready for the 500 word challenge.

    • Competition entries for 2017 are open from 8.00am on Monday 16th January and close at 7.00pm sharp on Thursday 23rd February.
    • All stories must be submitted via the 500 words website by clicking the link on this page and creating a submission profile. Stories can only be entered by a parent, guardian or teacher on behalf of a child.
    • This year we’re also introducing a top tool that allows teachers to submit all their classes’ stories at the same time, so there’s no excuse not to get those creative cogs turni...

    Posted 16/01/2017 by Learning Lounge - Read more

  • Year 8 STEM micro:bit - After School Club Update

    Year 8 micro:bit club gets exiting as coding on screen, makes way for coding (and zooming!) buggies!

    Year 8 students have been having a fantastic time getting to grips with their micro:bit mini computers in the after school STEM club every Wednesday. Some have gone from no previous programming experience to coding their micro:bits to control motors, buzzers, and LED as well as responding automatically to external switches and light levels.

    We have now made our own robotic buggies and the students have grand plans as to what they will program them to do. Maze solving, obstacle avoidance, Bluetooth control and even robot laser battles are all in the pipelines!

    Congratulations to the gr...

    Posted 13/01/2017 by STEM Pathways - Read more

  • Genre Of The Month - January 2017 - Emotional/ Thought Provoking

    "I wasn't sick I was strong." - WinterGirls by Laurie Halse Anderson

    Its that time again! This month we are putting any Emotional and Thought Provoking books in the spotlight. We have some amazing reads all lined up. So for readers who love this genre come have a nosy and see what takes your fancy and for those who have never experienced this genre you are in for a treat!!!!

    Posted 12/01/2017 by Learning Lounge

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