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Why do GCSE?

You should choose GCSE PE if you love being active and want to find out more about how to improve your performance

There are 2 main elements to the course, theory and practical.

Your theory mark will be made up out for 2 exam papers, each one worth 20% of your final grade, and 2 controlled assessments, each one worth 5%.

Practical is worth 50% of your final grade.  - You will be graded on your 4 best activites which will be marked out of 25 (and can include activities you do outside of school such as Dance, Horse Riding, Duke of Edinburgh, Martial arts, Skiing and Snowboarding).

It's really important that you are commited to improving your practical scores in your own time (i.e join clubs, play for school, work on your fitness) as you wont do ANY extra practical in lessons, you will work on your practical scores in normal P.E time.

For this reason we recommend that you only choose GCSE P.E if you play for, or belong to least 1 club outside of school.

April 2014

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  • Drama: Draft 3 Monologue Concept
  • Learning Support: World Autism Awareness Day
    Are you ready to stand up for Autism? Accept difference, not indifference.




  • History: Year 12 Paris Trip (until 06/04/2014)
  • End of Spring Term


  • Family Art Day
    Toot Hill Extra - see for more details.
  • Year 6 Activity Day - Masterchef
    Toot Hill Extra - see for more details.
  • Adult One Day Workshops
    Toot Hill Extra - see for more details.
  • History: Year 11 Easter Revision booster day
    Please come to our Easter Holiday revision booster day from 9-3pm
  • Easter Holiday (until 21/04/2014)
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14 15 16


  • Drama: GCSE/AS Rehearsals and Revision (until 17/04/2014)
17 18 19
21 22


  • Summer Term Begins


  • Drama: Final Draft Monologue Concept
24 25 26


  • Year 9: Internal Assessments
    See Revision Centre for the timetable and revision resources.
    (until 02/05/2014)
  • Year 10: Student Achievement Interviews (until 02/05/2014)


  • Learning Support: Learning Support Review Meeting
    If you have any concerns about your child's learning needs and you would like to speak to a member of Learning Support then please contact school reception to arrange an appointment.


  • Music: Spring Concert
    Starts at 7pm. Tickets available at the door. £5 adults, £3 concessions.
  • Learning Lounge: Literacy Legends Trip (Years 7-9)

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