GCSE Revision Material

Online Resources

Students in years 9, 10 and 11 have access to "Kerboodle". This service provides you with digital versions of the textbooks (you can access these on your computer, tablet or phone). 


Your science teacher will give you your username and password if you do not already have it. 

Past Papers

Past papers can be downloaded from the AQA website:

Revision Resources

Check the folder below for additional questions and resources from your science teachers:

Year 9 Revision Material

The Course

Students in 9a1 to 9b3 are following the new AQA GCSE Science qualifications in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These can be explored in more detail on the exam board website - select the new GCSE specifications for further information (8461, 8462, 8463).  


Students in 9c1 to 9d2 follow the new AQA GCSE Science "Trilogy" qualification to give two GCSEs in science. More detail can be viewed on the AQA website, by searching for the Trilogy specification (8464).

Students in 9e1 and 9e2 are studying towards the new AQA GCSE Science "Synergy" qualification, again, giving two GCSEs in Science. The specification can be found using the link below, or by searching the AQA website for the Synergy science specification (8465). 

Synergy Website

Revision Lists

The summer assessments for Y9 may draw on any of the topics covered this year in Science. Topic lists can be downloaded below. Remember to make good use of the kerboodle online resource to help revision! If you don't know your login details, ask your science teacher. 

Topic Lists

Equations to Learn

For the new Physics exams you need to remember certain equations. The equations that you need to learn for the summer exam can be found below. Remember that you need to learn these equations, as well as the units for each quantity. You should also practise rearranging these. 

Physics Equations to Learn

Year 10 Revision Material

Revision Guides

Revision guides covering all of the topics in Y10 can be purchased from school at a reduced cost of £3.50. Please see your class teacher or the Head of Department - Mr Wood - for more information. 

Other revision guides are available online and from bookshops. You need to make sure that the guide is for the correct specification. We follow AQA GCSE Science. Depending on your group, you will need the correct guides... 

  • 10a1 - 10b2: Guides that cover AQA Physics, Chemistry and Biology, for first examination  in 2014
  • 10c1 - 10d2: Guides that cover AQA Science A and Additional Science, for first examination in 2014
  • 10e1 - 10e2: Guides that cover AQA Science A, for first examination in 2014

If you already have a revision guide, and would like to know if it is suitable, please bring it to your science teacher so that they can check it covers the correct material. 

Revision lists for students in 10a, 10b, 10c and 10d 

Revision lists for students in 10e

Year 11 Revision Material

Revision Lists for 2016 Mock Exams

Answers to the weekly exam booklets

The week after you have completed your exam questions and your teacher has checked them, the markscheme will be placed in the folder below. Please use this to check through your exam booklet and check any areas that you found challenging.